Heck Media Founder Dairy 1 — Learning to drive

I’m frequently annoyed with my business.

If I had left things well alone, life may have remained a more familiar kind of stressful. Now that I’ve stirred the business pot, life is 358 different kinds of stressful (but at least it’s not boring)!

Here’s a background — in September 2020, at the nadir of COVID-19 doldrums, I was accepted into a business incubator program for creative businesses who want to achieve social impact. Check out the incubator at poplabs.com.au.

I started work on building a podcast company that exclusively makes content by creators from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and…

Amruta Nargundkar

Podcaster, founder and CEO of Heck Media — on a mission to make Australian media truly representative of this country’s diversity.

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